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288PCS LED Double Arms Fill light Long LED Strips 3300K-5600K Photography lighting camera light


Live double-arm fill light RK39 is a professional multi-function universal adjustment fill light ,which is design for the 5G live broadcast, beauty tattoo, tattoo eyebrows, hair manicure, makeup teaching recording, portrait still life, etc.


On the basis of the function of  ordinary ring fill light,it adds the universal adjustment , the direction of rotation can be rotated, and a set of fill light components is added at the same time, and the fill light area is wider, thereby realizing more professional 360 degree angle photography fill light.


Applicable Scenarios 

Compared with the traditional ring and double-arm fill light in the market, it can be used in a wide range of applications. 

It can also be powered by USB or mobile power when shooting outdoors without power outlets.


In the light control:

DC power access mode and USB power supply mode can control the brightness, color temperature and mode of the light component through the wire switch.

The main body rotary switch can control the power switch of the left and right arm light components.

The full light component uses 288pcs and 60-lumen 2835 heating,it can be powered by a 19-volt 4A adapter to achieve a high brightness of 60 watts.


It can also charge the phone with a USB output, making shooting more professional and practical.



Color temperature: 3000k-5600k

Dimming: 1%-100%

Beads : 288 pcs LED

LM≥ 4800




Packing list:

Double-arm fill light *1

Adapter *1

USB line *1

Phone clip *1

Instruction manual *1

Double or Dual Arm Light for Makeup and Photoshoots