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288PCS LED Four Arms Fill light 3300K-5600K Photography lighting camera light


The four-arm fill light Model RK39 is a multi-purpose professional fill light with a universal adjustment that is ideal for still photos, portraits, live broadcasts, eyebrow tattoos, hair manicures, and other beauty-related purposes.


In comparison to the ordinary ring fill light, additional features include multi-directional independent adjustment of each of the 4 arms, thus, the fill light area is wider, covering every angle resulting in better photos and no shadows.



It has a wider range of uses than the conventional arm fill-lights and ring lights available on the market.

If you're shooting outside without access to power outlets, you can also power it with a battery bank or by USB.


Additional Features:

  • DC power access mode and USB power supply mode.
  • You can use the rotary switch on the main body or the remote to adjust the brightness, color temperature, and mode of the light.
  • The full light component has 576 LEDSpcs and throws 4800-lumen bright light.
  • It can be powered by a 19-volt 4A adapter to achieve a high brightness of 60 watts.


Photography is greatly simplified and much more helpful by the USB output's ability to charge a phone.



Color temperature: 3000k-6000k

Dimming: 1%-100%

Number of LEDs : 576 pcs LED

LM≥ 4800




Package includes:

Four-arm fill light x 1

Adapter x 1

USB cable x 1

Phone Holder  x 1

Instruction manual  x 1
Tripod x 1

Multi Arm Light for Makeup and Photoshoots with 4 arms

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