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Looking for something sleek and stylish to store your makeup in? Look no further than our rose gold makeup trolley Model 3599!

Introducing the latest addition to our makeup vanity line - the Model 3599 in rose gold! This vanity is designed with a diamond cut pattern and has 6 storage trays. It's also sturdy, with aluminum frames, and has deep storage space for big eyeshadow pallets or hair tools.

Colors Available:
Black (Diamond Cut texture)
Black (Plain with silver frame)
White (Diamond Cut texture)
Rose Gold (Diamond Cut texture)

Dimensions: 37 X 23 X 47 CM

Weight: 5.5 kgs

Rose Gold Makeup Storage Vanity Trolley Bag with wheels Model 3599

₹6,500.00 Regular Price
₹5,500.00Sale Price
Colours Available