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Professional Manicure Machine Set Electric Nail Drill Bits Mill Cutter Nail Art Sanding File Gel Cuticle Remover Ceramic Cutter


An ideal filing tool set for nail extensions!

It is a professional and convenient product with dual-direction movement, grinding bits and a flexible handpiece.

You can adjust the speed freely by sliding the knob on the nail polisher.



0 - 20000RPM
for maximum strength and speed use for both hands and feet

Forward/Reverse rotation

Stable performance with a manual switch that can be controlled to start/stop rotating

Portable size and smooth vibration
for a comfortable grip and easier operation

for reducing the nail polisher motor heat

Comes with a stand for holding the handpiece

Multi-use: carving, engraving, routing, grinding, sanding, polishing


How to Use:


  1. Plug the handpiece into the DC OUT socket at the nail polisher
  2. Select the proper drill bit according to actual requirements, and push it into the handpiece
  3. Press the switch "l" on the nail polisher and the handpiece is ready for use
  4. Turning directions can be swapped, "FORWARD" and "REVERSE" direction
  5. Adjust the speed of the grinding head within a reasonable range, please adjust the handpiece to the lowest speed before changing forward/backward direction

Nail Drill Machine with drill bits

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